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IFI IDP Qatar Speaking Services


Elevate Your Speaking Skills


Welcome to IFI IDP Qatar’s dedicated speaking services aimed at enhancing your communication abilities for the IELTS test. Our specialized offerings provide tailored support and guidance to help you achieve your desired band score.


Explore the array of services we provide:

1. Offline Speaking Feedback:

Receive personalized feedback from an IELTS expert on your recorded speaking files. Submit up to 5 recordings through our website and get professional insights to enhance your IELTS speaking skills.


2. Prepared Sample Videos:

Access curated sample videos tailored to your targeted band score (band 6 and below, or 7 and above). These videos cover topics relevant to IELTS questions provided in our booklet, offering valuable insights and strategies for improvement.


3. Speaking Partner Sessions:

Elevate your speaking abilities with a guided 50-minute session led by an experienced IELTS expert. Practice speaking tasks, receive constructive feedback, and sharpen your skills for the IELTS test.


4. Speaking Task Simulation:

Prepare effectively with our mock speaking tests, meticulously designed to mirror the format and structure of the official IELTS speaking test. Receive detailed feedback post-assessment to identify strengths and areas for enhancement.


5. Speaking Weekends with Instructors:

Join our weekend sessions led by seasoned instructors, providing a supportive environment for collaborative IELTS speaking practice. Choose from individual sessions or opt for a package of 5 sessions to refine your skills.


6. IELTS Speaking Express Sessions:

Maximize your speaking proficiency with daily 15-minute express sessions, ideal for candidates with busy schedules. Receive targeted feedback on pronunciation, fluency, and coherence, optimizing your preparation efficiently.


Experience unparalleled support and guidance in honing your speaking abilities with IFI IDP Qatar’s specialized speaking services. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply seeking to enhance your communication skills, our offerings are meticulously crafted to address your specific requirements. Elevate your speaking prowess and achieve your desired outcomes with IFI IDP Qatar. Explore our comprehensive range of services today and take the first step towards unlocking your full speaking potential.

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Individual Attention

Individual Attention

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Result Driven Coaching

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Flexbile Timing

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Free Study Material


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