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How can I register and pay for the IELTS test?

To initiate the process, start by establishing a user profile on the institute's website. Once your profile is set up, access your personalized dashboard to review the available exams and select your desired exam date. Following this, you will be granted a 24-hour window to complete the online payment for the examination fee. Candidates can register and do the same on the IDP IELTS website too: https://ielts.idp.com/book

What are additional payment methods?

Candidates have few convenient payment options available to them. They can make a payment online using a Debit/Credit Card, or alternatively, they have the option to transfer the amount via IBAN or Bank Transfer to the following account details:
Account Number (13 digits): 4680279178001
IBAN (29 digits): QA56CBQA000000004680279178001
Account Name: International First Idea
After completing the payment via IBAN or Bank Transfer, it's essential to send a copy of the receipt, including your full registration name and test date, either to the email address (info@ifi.qa) or through WhatsApp at (+974 30216501).
Candidates can also visit our office and make the payment using a card or in cash.

What documents should we bring for the exam?

When arriving for the exam, it's required to bring the same identification document that you used during the registration process. Here are the document requirements based on your nationality:
For Qataris: Valid passport or Qatar ID
For Other Nationalities: Valid passport
Failure to present the correct and valid identification document may result in marking candidate as absent, so it's important to double-check this requirement before your test date.

What time will the written test be held?

For Candidates Taking Paper-Based Exams:
All candidates who are scheduled to take a paper-based exam are requested to report at the examination center no later than 8:00 AM.
For Candidates Taking Computer-Based Exams:
If you have registered for a computer-based exam, you should be present at the center according to your chosen sitting:
Sitting 1: Before 9:00 AM
Sitting 2: Before 2:00 PM

How can I transfer my test?

Rescheduling exam bookings will not be permitted if the request is made less than 36 days prior to the exam date. Additionally, please be aware that a 250 QAR administrative fee will apply for any changes whether it involves adjusting the date, module, format, or etc.

How can I refund my test?

Here is what you need to know if you wish to reschedule or cancel your IELTS test.
If you reschedule or cancel your application more than five (5) weeks before the test date, you will receive a refund minus an administration charge.
If you reschedule or cancel within five (5) weeks of the test date, you will be charged the full fee unless you have a serious medical reason.
If you provide a medical certificate within five (5) days of the test date, you will receive a refund minus the local administrative cost.
You can contact your test center to get the latest information on this process.

How can I send my TRF to a destination?

To complete the process of sending your IELTS scores to your chosen organization, please follow these steps:
1. Fill out the additional TRF form as required.
2. Send the completed TRF form to the IELTS test center via email at [email protected] or through WhatsApp at +974 30216501.
3. If the organization you've selected is available on the IELTS portal, a digital score report will be submitted to them at no extra cost.
4. In cases where the organization is not available on the IELTS portal, an additional hard copy of TRF will be sent to them. However, please note that the post charges will be on candidate.

How much does the IELTS costs?

Paper Based: 1080 QAR
Computer-Delivered: 1290 QAR
(For both General Training & Academic)

How can I enquiry on my result (remark Request)

To initiate the Enquiry on Results (EOR) process, please follow these steps:
1. You are required to fill out the EOR form.
2. If you have already received your Test Report Form (TRF), kindly return it to the test center.
3. The EOR service comes with a fee of 450 QAR. You can make this payment online or in person at the test center.
4. Ensure that you submit your EOR request within 42 days from the date of the test.
5. You can expect to receive your revised result within a timeframe ranging from 2 to 21 days.
It's important to note that if your score changes you will receive a full refund of the amount you paid for the service.

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