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Paper-based IELTS test

Currently there is no paper based exam organized in our centre. Due to pandemic situation, we do highly encourage you to take the Computer Delivered (CD-IELTS) exams.

IELTS Academic and General Training tests can both be taken on paper. There is no difference between the timing, question types, grading and results of paper-based and computer-delivered tests. The test day will only be slightly different. Before each test, the staff will give you booklets and answer sheets and then when you finish, they will collect these booklets and answer sheets so that you can move to the other test part. 

If you choose the paper-based IELTS, you will take the Reading, Listening and Writing tests on paper. For your Writing test, you are free to use a pen or an HB-pencil, but for your Listening and Reading tests you should use an HB-pencil. In paper-based IELTS the Writing, Reading, and Listening test sections are done on the same day with no breaks between tests. You can do the Speaking part one week before or after your test date. This is done face-to-face with an examiner.