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Computer-delivered IELTS is available 7 days a week

Computer-delivered IELTS is available 7 days a week
IELTS has been a paper-based English proficiency test for almost 30 years. People have been taking this test to fulfill their work, studies and immigration dreams. However, they’ve wished for more, and we’re here to provide them with more choices. We introduce the computer-delivered IELTS, which is the same IELTS test, but computer-delivered, with multiple test sessions a day and fast results.

  • Results in 3-5 days!
  • More test days

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Types of computer-delivered IELTS test

Computer-delivered IELTS is available for both Academic and General Training tests.

If you choose computer-delivered IELTS, you will take the listening, reading and writing tests on the computer. All aspects of the test are identical to the paper-based IELTS test, including:

  • Question types
  • Content
  • Timings
The timing of the computer-delivered listening test is slightly less than the one which is paper-based. The reason is that in paper-based test, test takers need extra time to transfer their answers to the answer sheet. This step is not required when taking the test using a computer.
  • Marking
  • You will be given time to read the questions before the start of each part of the listening test.
  • Also, there’s time for you to review your answers after the end of each part of the listening test.
  • Finally, 2 minutes is given to check your answers at the end of the listening test.

The timing of the Listening test is between 30 – 34 minutes long.


Computer Delivered MOCK

The sample tests will help you prepare for the test and choose the option you prefer. These sample questions will give you an idea about the format of the Listening, Reading and Writing parts.

Computer-delivered IELTS Speaking test

You haven’t heard the best part yet. The IELTS speaking test is done the same way. It is taken in the test center face-to-face with the examiner and in a quiet room where we can hear you loudly and clearly. Face-to-face test stimulates a more natural performance from the candidate and is believed to be the best way to evaluate your speaking skills accurately. The test rooms will be absolutely quiet meaning that your struggles to hear and say what you want are over. No need to try again to be heard loud and clear.

Benefits of the IELTS Speaking test

IELTS private speaking rooms offer an experience without disturbance and noise

  • Questions can always be repeated and rephrased if you demand
  • We won’t speak at a pace that is too fast or slow. We aim to always speak at your level of English
  • Your speaking test will not be stopped or paused before the end (Unless you wish to stop or under special circumstances)
  • You can take IELTS no matter what your English accent is