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Placement Test

Welcome to our comprehensive and free placement test. You can understand where you are stand by starting a short and sweet 40-minute tests. Please note that for limited time only this service will be offered free of charge. During this service, you have opportunity to get a thorough assessment by interacting with 24 standard-multiple-questions, an expert examiner, and a friendly and supportive counsellor. 

This service is designed having two major steps:


First step:

Provides you with standard questions testing your grammar and reading capabilities as well as an expert view on your speaking and writing skills. The test includes these sections:


Section 1: 24 multiple questions (20 Minutes)

    • To test your level of reading and grammar skills.
    • You can choose the right answer or select the “I don’t know” option
    • Based on your performance on this section, the smart placement system will offer you the next two sections.


Section 2: One Writing question (15 Minutes)

    • To represent your skill in writing First you please read the question and prepare your ideas and
    • Then write up to 150 words in 15 min.

Section 3: One Speaking question (5 Minutes)

    • To represent your speaking skillset
    • You will have four minutes to read the question and prepare your ideas 
    • Then you will need to record your voice for up to 1 minute.

At the end of the section 3, will ask you to book a time for a free-consultation.


Second step:

Based on your performance in the first step (combination of multiple-choice questions, writing and speaking tests), our expert examiners will review your test and provides an analytical report. This report will be communicated with you by one of our friendly and experienced counsellors in the time that you select. You can expect to receive a customised road map to travel from you stand to your desired destination.