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Our mentor-led services are fully goal-oriented, live online, and one-on-one.  If you are looking for a tailor-made syllabus and a team of IELTS experts mentoring you towards your goal, we have a lot to offer. Maximize the chance of success in the test by using our quick and useful tips, following our detailed study plan, and applying our winning strategies uniquely developed for you. We help you realize what prevents you from achieving your target band score. Our team will highlight the problems and teach you how to fix them all. Make sure you sign up for a service that best fits you and take the test fully prepared. Whether it is a short Speaking Partner session a couple of days before your test day, or the 8-week Personal Coaching programme, we have much to share to help you make meaningful changes to your performance. Our teams spare no effort.


Personal Coaching

Extraordinary is Our Normal

What is it?

This unique service is run live, online and one-on-one. It is fully tailor-made, developed to serve just one purpose: raise your band score.

Sign up for the course right now if you have between two to three months before your test day. Our team of professional mentors and IELTS experts who are intensively trained to deliver what you need, will provide you with comprehensive strategies and effective techniques. You will have daily practical exercises, and planning along with troubleshooting sessions all integrated to make sure you take the test with confidence.

What we offer is concise, to the point and structured to best prepare you for the test. With us and after you finished the course, there will remain no room for improvement!


How does it work?

You will have sixteen input sessions with our team of mentors on ZOOM, held twice a week, each lasting about forty minutes. We offer added convenience: Flexible session timing. You can arrange when to have sessions. This can change every week.

Each session focuses on one problem area that potentially prevents you from getting a higher band score. You will study a long list of well-crafted techniques and decide on winning test-day strategies for each. It is all based on microteaching.

Along the way, our team will take on the task of identifying your problems and compiling personalized materials and practice to deal with them immediately.

To do your daily assignments, you need to set aside nine to twelve hours a week. Send them back when they’re done to get personalized feedback and detailed analysis.

How to sign up for the course?

Take our free online placement test and then you are a few clicks away from it. Alternatively, you can fill out this form so that our service provider can reach you within a day to book a free consulting session.



Online IELTS Speaking Partner Session

Immerse yourself in goal-oriented speaking practice sessions with an IELTS expert

What is it?

Sharpen your speaking skills and better prepare for the test day. Our team of trusted speaking experts highly trained are ready to help you. Practice speaking in a friendly atmosphere with a friendly speaking trainer.

We will cover a wide range of topics used in IELTS speaking test over the course of ten sessions. This gives you the opportunity to apply the strategies, lexical and grammar you have learned and identify your problem areas. Your partner then gives you the best tips possible in order to fix them.

Each session ends with a complete mock speaking test to better assess your performance. Get immediate personalized feedback with references made to help you fix errors and mistakes on fluency, coherence, lexical resource, grammar, accuracy and pronunciation features.


How does it work?

You will get the list of topics two days before the scheduled session to study and prepare. The first part of the session takes fifteen minutes when we will challenge you with a list of part three questions related to the topic.

Your partner analyses your response and offers helpful suggestions and on-the-spot feedback on how to reformulate your response. You are supposed to apply them right after as you practice more, with more questions.

Then you will take one mock speaking test right after practice. After every session we will send you a recorded feedback. This will help you fully understand what you need to do in order to get your target band score.

How to book a session?

Book a session here. Alternatively, you can fill out this form so that our service provider can reach you within a day to arrange for a session.