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Are you getting ready to take the IELTS exam?

Do you ever ask yourself these questions:

  • What if I take the test and not get the result I want?
  • How many times do I have to take the test to reach the band score I’m aiming for?
  • But if I take the test many times, I’ll have to spend a fortune! 
  • How will I know if my writing ability is good enough?
  • I wish someone could tell me my speaking score!

Do you study yourself or do take IELTS courses?

Would you like to know when is the best time for you to take the actual test?

Well, we have the best solution for you. 

Take IFI online mock tests, and assess all your 4 skills from the comfort of your home. 

Remember how for your driving test you drove in a real car?

Well, this is just the same! With IFI mock tests you will know when you are prepared to sit the real exam. 

No need to worry about traffic or COVID-19 safety protocols. Sit back at home and take our reliable mock test.  

Given how expensive the IELTS test is, taking IFI mock exam seems the best way to get the results you want. 

With IFI mock tests you will know exactly where you are and when you are absolutely ready for the actual test. 

This way, you can evaluate your English proficiency as many times as it is necessary and be sure you are ready for the real test. 

Using skype software you can connect to our proficient mock examiners and test your speaking ability. 


When can you get the results?

Type your writing assignment. Correcting your mistakes is much easier and there is no need to worry about your handwriting.

Submit your writing tasks to us, get your results in 3 Days. 

So, use IFI mock tests, and take the actual test with confidence.