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Getting started

Learn English online using our high-quality resources to improve your English. 

Our online writing course is simply the perfect solution to your problems and challenges in IELTS writing. Whether you will be taking the general or academic test, it covers all your IELTS writing needs. It is our strong belief that your progress in IELTS writing depends heavily not just on learning the right lessons but also on writing practice that continues for as long as necessary.

Together with all the hundreds of tasks and exercises designed to teach the most important rules of IELTS writing, we have given special attention to creating the most useful, practical and stimulating video lessons that will leave you impressed and get you highly motivated to learn and address your weak points in IELTS writing.

Our Mini Lessons

main_b24a6d6e0db7dd0ae8a3dc6128449692.pngLearning IELTS writing rules doesn’t have to be boring and time-consuming. The IELTS Fix Mini Lessons are made to teach your most important stuff in the least tedious ways. 

The Practice Section

main_615fa23e55d912b16b38205cc42aaa7e.pngIn IELTS Fix, you’ll never run out of exercises and activities to do. And that’s not an exaggeration. We have a supply of IELTS Writing tasks which we add to and update nonstop. 

Professional Feedback 

main_ec573e835f39c8caa7585a9be9139905.pngOne thing is never going to change: The importance and huge impact of feedback. Everything you send us, as part of the IELTS writing tasks and activities gets checked and corrected by a vastly experienced and knowledgeable team of writing tutors and examiners.

Feeding You Ideas 

main_d21392785a16a7e463b363f08f29e8cc.pngIELTS writing is tough. No questions about that. You want to know why? That’s because you may not have any ideas about the topics. IELTS Fix will open your mind to the kind of general ideas which you must have to succeed in IELTS writing. 

From Sentences to Paragraphs 

main_7212935780847638aee3585ccafebc70.pngOur approach to teaching IELTS writing suits the most diverse group of candidates with English levels. If you’re finding it hard to write basic sentences or think that your paragraphs could be better, you’ll absolutely feel at home with the IELTS Fix online writing course.  

Easy-to-apply Tips

main_418f48911e0512c9e9b698684cf67f90.pngYou’re here because you want to improve your IELTS Writing Score. And we know how. Just feel confident that we won’t ask you to do something impossible like moving a mountain. Every little tip you get is easy to understand and apply.   

How the IELTS Fix Online Writing Course Works

  • Watching the Mini Lessons
    Every mini lesson will be about an important and essential rule for tasks 1 and 2 of IELTS writing. 

  • Writing the essays/do the activities
    There will be a series of more challenging real IELTS writing tasks which are related to the mini lessons for you to do.   

  • Sending your writing/ completed writing exercises to us 
    After completing the tasks and activities, we will receive your completed work to check. 

  • Receiving feedback from us
    We’ll tell you what you did wrong and show you how you can write better for the IELTS test.