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The internet is a huge place, and you can simply feel overwhelmed with all of the choices you are offered. Especially if you have an important decision to make like what IELTS course you should go for. Having a tight deadline makes it even worse for IELTS candidates. Enrolling in IFI’s courses is the way to prepare effectively for your IELTS speaking test. They will help you pass the speaking exam with confidence and the focus and knowledge necessary.

Complete Guides 

main_4673b2af0f8b7b8cbffc4a3659ce4374.pngEvery course includes whole sets of lessons which are packed with clear and easy to follow guides.  

Suiting Different Levels 

main_8c96da5597bddba61494fbd4cf6d5fe0.pngYou don’t need to have an advanced speaking skill to start with any of the courses. IFI speaking courses cater for students at all skill levels. 

Practice Opportunities 

main_017f491c6a4660af0fbf29cae62502b7.pngThe practice sections are exclusively designed to create a lot more chances for you to put your speaking ability to the test.    

Building Techniques  

main_0788e8c0351de8c30d7fb609e3beab81.pngLet’s not forget that speaking is basically a skill, so it involves techniques and strategies. One major focus in IFI courses is teaching speaking techniques to succeed in IELTS. 

Topic-based Exercises 

main_32c45bb35d26fab675998ad6ff52d5f3.pngWe don’t just give you exercises. Our practice training in IELTS speaking is all divided based on exam topics. 

Everything Up-to-the-minute

main_e5eed569301bb48c439c896d5e883399.pngWe don’t live in the past and neither should you. Whatever you find in our courses, from the lessons to the topics and questions are the latest in IELTS speaking.   

Sample answers 

main_96b8bd041b176170a90a6e8b18bc78b4.pngWe don’t just show how you should answer speaking questions, but also give you hundreds of models answers to make it all crystal clear.

Audio content 

main_056846802a7abb08c2e83457a02143f6.pngThe sample answers will all come with audio files to hear what you must say on the exam.   

Professional Support Groups 

main_8d4f18358bd711bbed9fcf8fbb2e1c89.pngEvery course will bring you into contact with the right people. IELTS tutors and professionals whose jobs are to make sure you’re stepping forward and in the right direction. 


main_2486c83fa1e6484d99e2e334e6ab7476.pngIn every step and level of the IFI speaking courses, you will gradually acquire the ability to evaluate your progress in IELTS speaking.  

Every Course Features: 

  • Video Lessons 
  • Interactive Speaking Exercises 
  • Personalized speaking Feedback 
  • One-on-one support 
  • Rapid feedback 
  • Course roadmaps