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So you're here to get your IELTS fixed?

We, the team at IELTS Fix®, have worked tirelessly to make all the necessary IELTS learning and practice materials available for you through our all-online IELTS course. 

IELTS is no easy game. It has been our main goal to teach you how to play and win at it more often. Everybody’s invited. Not just the zero beginner, but the experienced IELTS test-taker hoping to hit a new high score.  

All of that begins with you. Once you start the course, take the professional IELTS advice given, apply your learning in the tasks for each part and take the next steps based on our one-of-a-kind feedback material, the path to victory on the IELTS test will be clear and achievable for you. 


Who is IELTS FIX for? 

Let’s say you have tried every course book. There isn’t a single IELTS website you haven’t been on. You know every IELTS teacher in town and you have spent a good deal of money and time on getting that IELTS score. Now though, you find yourself right where you started. Just as clueless and unprepared for the test as day one (if not worse!).  


  • Students 
    Each and every IELTS student needs only the most effective and comprehensive source for IELTS. If you’re that student, you have arrived at the right address. 

  • Teachers 
    IELTS instructors need educational content resources just as much as others. You, even if you have just started your career as an IELTS tutor, can become the guiding light for your students in their progress towards outstanding IELTS scores.

  • English language learners 
    IELTS isn’t just an English test. With so many lessons and exercises in the IELTS FIX, not only will you feel greatly confident in taking the test, but also it will satisfy the English learner inside you!

  • Professionals 
    Not everybody’s ambition is further education or advancing in the academic world. In fact, professionals seeking jobs or even entirely new careers have become pretty serious about IELTS. Our beloved IELTS FIX is designed to serve them too!

  • Businesses and corporations 
    Educating large groups in IELTS skills is undeniably expensive. We’ve made IELTS FIX in such a way that it can easily be used by large numbers of people working for big organizations, needing to stick to a fixed budget.   

  • Immigrants 
    An adequate IELTS score is a necessity for those individuals planning on moving permanently to another country. Our course helps them get the score they’ve targeted with much ease.   


Course Features 

Real Feedback: After doing the IELTS practice exercises, you’ll get real feedback from our extraordinary team of IELTS professionals. They’ll tell you all about your mistakes and how you can avoid making them again. 

Truly Online: Absolutely everything about the course is online. Wherever you are and whenever you wish, you can benefit from all that the course has to offer. 

Practice Exercises: Nobody learns anything without lots and lots of practice! We’ve got an endless supply of tasks and activities designed to give you all the opportunities you need to practice. 

Time in Your Hands:

Once you start the course, choosing when you want to learn and practice with the IELTS FIX is all up to you.  

Video Lectures & Lessons:

In the many hours of video lectures and lessons, you will learn all of the most important strategies and techniques to get a higher IELTS score 

Zero-stress Learning:

Isn’t it great to learn without experiencing anxiety? That’s what IELTS FIX does. Letting you learn and not feel stressed while you do. 

Self-study at its best:

No need to rely on angry teachers and noisy classmates. You can count on your own learning skills while we make it really easy to stay focused.

Effective tools for Learning:

Whether it’s reading passages, listening files, video content or any other necessary tool that you feel you need to improve your IELTS score, you’ll find it right here.  

Student Support Network:

Our trained staff of professionals will be there for you all along the way to answer your questions on social media so quickly that you won’t believe it until you see it for yourself. 


What’s in IELTS FIX? 


Video lessons and lectures about IELTS speaking skills
Interactive topic-based practice exercises for all of the 3 parts
Tasks that test your speaking ability + learner-specific feedback from trained IELTS professionals 
Level-graded model answers for all of the 3 parts 

Speaking Course


Video lessons and lectures about the rules of IELTS writing
All the basic and advanced techniques of writing for task (1 & 2)
A wide range of interactive practice exercises for each lesson and lecture
Tasks to check your writing skills + learner-specific feedback for EVERY task from trained IELTS professionals 

Writing Course


Video lessons and lectures on techniques and strategies to answer different question types 
Practice exercises to help learn each technique and strategy 
Classified practice tests for each question type 
An answer key for each test with clear explanations on each question’s answer
Never-seen-before mock tests 

Reading Course


Video lessons and lectures on techniques to answer different question types 
Classified practice tests for each question type
Clear and complete explanations for the words and expressions in each listening passage
Never-seen-before mock tests

Listening Course


Topic-based vocabulary lessons to improve reading and listening power
Online interactive worksheets for each vocabulary lesson