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Teacher led Courses

If your style of learning, your avaiability and generally speaking your profile suits for taking a teacher led class, here we have a range of options. wither online realtime or virtual classes. First we need you to take the free placement test first, then our expereinced counsellor will assess your needs and wish lists. If you end up enrolling in teacher led classes, get ready for push ups!

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IELTS Online Placement service

Use this service as your GPS before you start your IELTS journey! First understand where you stand by taking a comprehensive test in less than 40 min. This test examines your reading, voabulary, grammaras well as your writing and speaking skills The select a time for the next business day in order to recive a call form our friendly and expert counsellor.

Placement Service

Self Practice

We provide value added services and enhanced preparation resources for you to feel confident on your IELTS journey. You can find a wide range of practice material across all 4 skills right here on our website.

Depending on your level of English language proficiency, we offer customized preparation material so that you learn useful points and improve your band score. The tasks we provide are new and exclusive, tailored to any candidate’s needs.

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One-on-One Couching

Extraordinary is our normal!

This unique service is run live online and one-on-one. It is fully tailor-made, developed to serve just one purpose: improve your band score tremendously.

Sign up for the course right now if you have between two to three months before your test day. Our team of professional mentors and IELTS experts intensively trained to deliver what you need, WILL provide you with comprehensive strategies and effective techniques. You will have daily practical exercises, daily planning along with troubleshooting sessions all integrated to make sure you take the test with confidence.

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IELTS Mock test

This service is designed to boost your confidence before taking a real IELTS exam. By spending almost 25% of a real exam fees, you can seat a mock exam and experience the IELTS environment. Of course, within 3 business days you will receive an analytical report and consultation to make sure how ready you are for your real IELTS exam.

If your real exam date is near, we encourage you to take a IELTS Mock test. Otherwise we encourage you to take a placement test first and receives a guidance from our expert counsellor.

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