IFI | How do I register ?

IDP Education

IFI has made booking your IELTS test pretty simple.

In a few quick and easy steps, I’m going to show you how to register.

You begin with creating your own IFI profile by clicking on the Sign up icon at the top right corner of the screen and providing some basic information about yourself.

This will only take a few minutes.

Next, you scroll over to the “book a test” tab and click on “book a test now”.

You’re now at the exam timetable page where you will see all of the test dates available for you.

Here, you can choose the best test date for you.

You also have a choice between paper-based and computer-delivered tests. Make sure that you pay attention to the icons for each.

After making your choice, click on “book now”.

You’ll see two registration paths shown on the screen. You can either choose registering on “IELTS essentials” or if this process is difficult for you, take the fast registration option. 

If you choose the fast registration option, all you need to do is fill out a brief application form and upload your passport for us and we’ll take care of all the rest.

The final step is paying the registration fee.

And that’s it. You have completed your IELTS test registration in no time.

Best of luck on the test!