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Writing about Advantages

One of the most common questions on the IELTS writing test is about the advantages or the benefits that something has. Therefore, it’s essential to learn how to accurately and appropriately write the advantages regarding a topic. We’ll begin with an extremely important rule.

How to start

You have to start by mentioning if there are NUMEROUS or A FEW advantages about the topic. You do this to help the reader move slowly and comfortably from one point to the next in your writing. Watch this:

  • EXAMPLE 1: There is a long list of benefits to keeping a pet. 


  • EXAMPLE 2: An apartment has a few advantages over a house. 


So, start by using one of the following phrases:

Numerous Adv. Few Adv.
When it comes to . . ., there are many advantages to mention. Not too many benefits can be found about . . .
The plus points of . . . are quite a lot. . . . comes with few advantages.

 After starting like this, you can continue by mentioning what the advantages specifically are. For this, there is a wide variety of phrases and expressions.

Basic Phrases 
The first advantage of . . . is . . . Another benefit is . . .

  • EXAMPLE 3:The first advantage of marriage is always having someone to talk to. 


  • EXAMPLE 4: Another benefit is life’s difficult responsibilities can be shared between husband and wife. 


Despite the fact that you need to know how to refer to the advantages in a simple and understandable way, the examiner expects to see A RANGE of phrases and expressions in your writing. This is exactly why you’ll have to learn and use more advanced structures to write about the advantages. 

Complex Phrases
The / A positive aspect of . . . is . . . One other positive point includes . . .
A merit of . . . is . . . An upside of . . . is . . .

Now, these examples will show you how you can use them in sentences of your own.


  • EXAMPLE 6:One other positive point includes each child receiving more parental attention. 

  • EXAMPLE 7: A merit of a small family is being able to manage the finances more easily. 

  • EXAMPLE 8: An upside of a small family is both parents handling their careers and family life effectively. 

Don’t forget that some advantages are obvious and others need more attention to notice. This can be clearly expressed in IELTS writing in the following ways.

Noticeable Adv. Less-noticeable Adv.
Admittedly, . . . is considered an advantage. When considered carefully, . . . is viewed as a benefit.
  • EXAMPLE 9: Admittedly, living in a modern home is considered an advantage nowadays. 


  • EXAMPLE 10: When considered carefully, living in a house that is located in a quiet neighbourhood is viewed as a benefit.  


What about major advantages? There are unique phrases and expressions to refer to them as well.

Major Advantages

It is impossible to overlook . . . as a benefit of . . .

A significant advantage of . . . is . . .
  • EXAMPLE 11: It is impossible overlook huge reductions in paper use as a benefit of the invention of computer. 


  • EXAMPLE 12: A significant advantage of the internet is allowing the rapid distribution of information. 


In the end, it is recommended that you write a sentence which would show how the advantages compare to the disadvantages of the topic. They are as follows:

Comparing Adv. & Disadv.
The advantages of . . .  (far) outweigh the disadvantages. The disadvantages of . . . outnumber the advantages.

You have the OPTION of writing such a sentence BEFORE or AFTER mentioning the advantages.

  • EXAMPLE 13: The advantages of living in a city outweigh the disadvantages. 


  • EXAMPLE 14: The disadvantages of living in a rural region outnumber the advantages. 


Don’t stop now!

We have some tasks for you to see how much you’ve picked up from this lesson.

Go ahead and give them a try.  

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