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Candidates might come across many different websites offering a free IELTS mock test. This free mock test is often available on most blogs and platforms dedicated to information about IELTS tests. Having this option available to candidates draws attention to that specific blog as well as the institution or language school behind the platform so it can be considered a great marketing tool. The higher the quality of mock tests provided on the website, the more candidates will be interested in taking the test and recommend it to each other which would help the blog become more popular and gain more credibility.

It is more common for websites to offer free IELTS mock tests rather than paid ones. It is no secret that most people prefer having services without having to pay for them, and the same goes for IELTS mock tests. Most candidates would like to have free mock tests available to them instead of paying for each test. Not having to worry about the cost of each mock test, makes it easier for candidates to take multiple tests and track their progress at no cost. Free mock tests are usually only available for Reading and Listening tasks which the results can be shared with the candidate right after the test without anyone having to correct and grade the test. This is also an advantage for the platform’s staff as it makes it less manual, quicker and more manageable for bigger amount of mock tests.

Free Online IELTS Mock Test: The Good

Becoming familiar with the IELTS test format

No matter how much you study for the test, you might still not have the highest familiarity with the IELTS test format. Taking Mock Tests introduces to the test format and type of questions. This makes you feel more confident and better prepared for the test.

Improving your IELTS band score

Practice makes perfect and free online IELTS Mock test is a great tool available to everyone with access to the internet. You will get to practice different parts of the test ie. listening, reading, writing and speaking. There are many different types of questions in each section and candidates might face difficulties with certain types of questions, therefore taking a mock test will help candidates identify the areas which they need to improve in. Taking multiple mock tests and practicing on problem areas, will help you improve your band score.

Being convenient and for free

Free online Mock Tests can be taken on the internet. That means they are available anywhere and anytime; hence, all you need is access to the internet. You can find different mock tests for free, and you can take as many mock tests as you want from the convenience of your home and without having to worry about payments. Later on, you’ll get links to free online IELTS mock tests.

It helps with monitoring your progress

The most important reason to practice is actually improving your skills and progressing. Monitoring this becomes easy with taking mock tests on a regular basis. You can work on the problem areas and compare the results each time in order to make sure if you are on the right path. If you are improving test after test, then everything is most likely okay. However, If you notice fluctuations or no progress at all, it could mean that your study plan is not right and needs corrections.

Free Online IELTS Mock Test: The bad

Free mock tests can spoil you

You can take these tests anywhere and anytime, using your favorite electronic device with the Internet being available to you as well. Although this is an advantage, it can spoil you by having you get too used to having a dictionary available at all times or having the internet and online search engines helping you find the correct phrases or grammar. It is great to have these tools available but you should not become too dependent on them as they will not be there for you during the actual test.

Free Online IELTS Mock Test: The Ugly

Not every section can be graded accurately

Free online Mock tests give you the test results almost instantly for the Reading and Listening sections, however since the Writing and Speaking sections can be answered differently by different candidates, there are very few free online services for grading your writing and speaking skills. Although the mock tests can prepare you for the IELTS tests, you will not have valid and reliable results for every section.

Sub-standard tests

Another problem with free Mock tests online is that they might be put together by someone who is not certified or full familiar with the test format and questions. This means that candidates might be relying on questions which do not match the usual format. Another problem with this is that the provided answers might be incorrect and this can mislead and confuse the candidates.

Outdated questions

Free mock tests available online might not get updated meaning the questions and tasks could be from many years ago and candidates would be practicing using outdated questions. Although it helps candidates become familiar with the format, it will not help with the most recent topics which can be brought up in the tasks.

Free Online IELTS Mock Test: Examples

We have put together reliable sample of free online IELTS Mock Tests for you to help you get started with testing yourself:

  • You can have a test in ielts.live . when you enter the website you will see these pages:



  • idpielts is another one for taking free ielts mock test.







We highly recommend and encourage IELTS candidates to take free online IELTS mock tests as there are great advantages to it as mentioned earlier. It is a great tool for becoming familiar with the test format, helps getting to know your weak areas which you need to work on, helps improve your band score and above all, it is free of charge. However, it is important to always look for free mock tests provided by credible websites to be sure of the quality of questions and accuracy of the provided answers.

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