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Everything about IELTS 2021: IELTS in the time of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected most of our lives’ aspects. IELTS exams were no exception, which are being held now with new restrictions.


Best Way to Answer Summary Completion Questions in IELTS Reading

If you find it difficult to answer IELTS reading questions correctly, read this article to learn the best and easiest way of answering Summary Completion questions in IELTS

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How to Register for an IELTS Exam? A Step by Step Guide

Here you can find a step by step guide to register for the IELTS exam. By reading this article, the registration process is easy and quick! Choose your test type, location, and fill out the form.


How to Reach Band 8 in IELTS, 10 Practical Suggestions for Advanced Learners

Best suggestions on getting an overall band score 8 on the IELTS test


IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics June 2021

IELTS writing task 2 is designed for testing your ability of giving an opinion, proving that your opinion is reasonable, pointing out problems, providing possible solutions, and on the whole, being...

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IELTS August 2021 Dates

As you are preparing for the IELTS test, you need to decide when and where to take the test. This article helps you better understand the IELTS test timetable for August 2021 and provides a step by...


5 IELTS Reading Practice Tips to Score Higher on IELTS Reading

Here are the IELTS reading tips you need to get the band score you want.

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Which Accent is Acceptable in IELTS Speaking Test?

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Free Online IELTS Mock Tests – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

A great way of preparing yourself for the IELTS test is taking mock tests online. Although this is very beneficial for candidates, there are some drawbacks that need to be taken into consideration.

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IELTS IDP or IELTS British Council, Which One is the Best for IELTS Test

which exam should I take? How can I decide and what are the differences? Here you have all the information you need to make a decision.


Essential Tips for IELTS Speaking Test

Do you need to prepare for the IELTS speaking test but you wonder how? If you are lost in the middle of nowhere and don’t know from where to begin, this article is here to help you.

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How to Prepare for IELTS Listening

If you are wondering how to best prepare for the IELTS listening test, here we will learn some tips and trick that can help you easily deal with this section.

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What is the Best Type of IELTS Mock Test

During the pandemic today, we have both online and paper-based mock tests. This article looks into the differences between online and paper-based mock tests.

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Best IELTS Preparation Tips 2021

If you are planning to take an IELTS test, you need to prepare as best as you can. This article will give you all you need to prepare for the IELTS exam.


7 Useful Structures from Perfect IELTS Writing Task 1 Samples

When you are about to start writing Task 1 of the IELTS writing test, you might be wondering what structures you should be using so you be on the right track.

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How to Best Answer Matching Headings Question in the IELTS Reading Test

Do you find it hard to deal with Matching Headings in the IELTS reading? You are not alone. This article will help you find an effective way.

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions and Tips to Answer

When it comes to the speaking test of the IELTS exam, there are so many tips and tricks that can help you deal with this section. However, among the 3 parts of the speaking test, IELTS speaking par...

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How to be a Fast Reader in IELTS Reading

Do you run out of time and miss out on some questions in the IELTS reading section? There are long confusing passages and you get lost in the middle of nowhere? Here in this article, we’ll learn ho...

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Writing about Disadvantages

IELTS writing task 2 topics can sometimes require you to write about both the advantages and disadvantages of a particular idea or action. In this article you will learn synonyms that would allow y...

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How to Write about Advantages in the IELTS Writing Exam

One of the most common questions on the IELTS writing test is about the advantages or the benefits that something has. Therefore, it’s essential to learn how to accurately and appropriately write t...

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Which IELTS Exam Should I Take

What language test can I get? Would the embassy accept my English test? Can I not take a language test? How long is the test valid for? If you are are an students, employee, employer or an immigra...

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