If you are a busy professional or a hard-working student, you might think I have a lot to do, so do I really need to add a new task to my list? Year after year, more students are becoming familiar with English language proficiency tests and the number rises in the region on a daily basis. The number of IELTS test takers, for example, has grown enormously in the recent years and reached to 3.5 Million in 2019 (you can find more details here). So, if you would like to fly higher and getting an English proficiency certificate is not on your list yet, then you need to think twice.


But what is English Language Proficiency Examination?

International standardized tests of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers are available in the world for those who seek to assess their English level. English proficiency tests are administrated and developed by different organizations and some of the world’s leading language assessment experts such as Educational Testing Service (ETS), the British Councils, the University of Cambridge, and IELTS Australia and these exams will test the full range of English skills needed for success in your new job or study placement abroad.




Types of English Proficiency Tests

Some tests like IELTS have two different modules that can be used for vocational or academic contexts. The General Training version of IELTS, for instance, measures English language proficiency in an everyday context that reflects both workplace and social situations. However, the academic module is used for those who are planning on continuing their education abroad in an English language institution.

Some test centers across the world might offer English Language proficiency tests online and you can even take a few of them in the comfort of your home and the result would be available in only a few days.


Why do I need to take an English Language Proficiency Examination?

English language proficiency tests are designed to assess all the skills of language learners such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking at all levels to help the test taker to use the result for different academic and non-academic contexts. These unbiased tests reflect the types of tasks you would do at college/ university and your ability to deal with real-life situations in an English-speaking country, either at work, study or in everyday life.

Several tests are available to take in the world from which IELTS and TOEFL are the two widely accepted in more than 10,0000 organizations and around 140 countries (you can find more details here) offer these tests. Both tests are cost- effective and time-saving as they can be done in a day and it suits the demand of people in this fast-paced world. If you are interested in comparison of the two, please see this article.

So, if you are still wondering why you might need this test, below are our reasons:


Reason 1: Prove yourself at home

Many organizations around the world are looking for bilingual candidates to hire and for that, you are required to show your level of English and what is better than sitting for an internationally accepted examination to be enclosed to your job application. By having an English certificate on your CV, you can stand out among the other applicants and this enhances your chance of getting hired and improve in your career path.


Reason 2: English Language for Study

It is part of an admission requirement of many universities to see your English Language result before admitting you as a new student. The reason is for the university to make sure your language level meets the requirement of the student who is needed to give college-level lectures, communicate and submit papers in English. Having such a result can help you book your seat in an intended course at the desired university. Depending on the university and the course you would like to admit there are various English requirements out there. British, German, American, Australian and some other European universities accept an English language proficiency test as a requirement of your English level and from which IELTS and TOFEL are the most popular. If you can get a 6.5 in your IELTS exam, the doors of universities are open to you in the world and you only need to meet the other educational requirements. That said, preparation is also important. In Qatar, for instance, majority of IELTS test takers get a 5.0 (you can find more details here) in academic module of IELTS and this shows you need to plan in advance and be familiar with the chosen test before registering for the test.

Some free materials and sample tests can be found here and if you are eager to know more about the requirements to study in these countries, you can find a short summary here.


Reason 3: Get a scholarship for your future education

Some higher education institutions might want to see your result along with other documents to consider your application for any merit-based scholarships, so this is also a chance you have to show your potential and receive a scholarship and get ahead of your peers.

Reason 4: English Language for Migration

Internationally recognized English Language results are accepted as evidence of English language proficiency for study, work and migration in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK, as well as for study and work in the USA and other countries’ professional organizations and accrediting bodies. Each country sets its own requirements. If you intend to migrate to Canada as a skilled worker, the higher your command of English, the more points you get for this process and therefore, you can be shortlisted to submit your permanent residence visa application. And sometimes, a certain level would suffice, for example, for Skilled Regional visa Subskill 887 in Australia, you need a 4.0 or 4.5 to be eligible to apply for this visa.


Achieve your dream

main_1c79e9c922f1725edce4b0b2a361a941.jpgThere is so much that we all want to achieve in our lives to fulfill our dreams, and be successful. If you are planning on improving both professionally and individually in life, you need to know a second or third language and evidence of your English language ability to offer to the relevant organization. No matter what your dream is, whether you’d like to launch your own business or become employed in an International company, the first step is sitting for an English proficiency exam, and we are here to help you make the dream come true and make your life more meaningful. If you have any questions on the types of exams and would like to get some advice, please fill free to give a call to one of our friendly staff to save your time and provide an expert view.  You may see it is not that hard to get a good certificate under guidance of an expert.




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